09022016 nairobi ladies dating

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09022016 nairobi ladies dating

But a long-term relationship…well, no my dear Lavender.They could be having a man, but only probably as a standby stud, soon to be dispensed with like used rubber.And reasons are as many as there law suits and not necessarily of the judicial separation variety.Andrew Osiany thinks “the concept of human rights law they are taught in second year gets imparted into them as a life skill, something which can never apply in real life without some adjustments,” says the political scientist. And she will quote an Act (in the law) as to why she has not cooked nor helped in washing your clothes.” For Dennis Munyaka, female lawyers “seem to think legal knowledge translates to all life knowledge. “Journalists know too much and sleep around too much.Besides they are public figures and that can always get to their heads,” one male sports journalist lamented.He is not yet done adding that “every argument is valued monetarily and the competition for this wealth of words is unbearable.” Accountant John Kinyua also adds his two cents saying, “I can only date a female lawyer if she behaves like a woman. And generally want to argue on virtually anything in the relationship. ALSO READ: Here are eight signs that show your boyfriend is serious with you There was an incident where two men masquerading as women were unceremoniously smoked out of a secret all-female Facebook group.

‘Senior counsel and fellow learned friends…’ (Lawyers) Of the men interviewed, female lawyers emerged as the most ‘undateable’.

She follows her heart and goes with the flow, so tying her down or settling is out of question,” Munyaka unequivocally concludes. ‘Room service, please’ (Waitresses and Housekeepers) Paul Onyango reckons that women in the hospitality industry are ‘dangerous’ as they will compare you with the men they deal with, ranging from high-flying tourists to businessmen.

“Given their careers (waiters) are based in lies, some tend to be carried away and live the lies,” quips Onyango. Whatever they are doing deep into the night only God knows,” according to the 28-year old programmes’ officer with a local NGO. ‘Doctor, doctor, it’s an emergency’ (medics) Most men cite two reasons why docs make for difficult dates.

Women in the careers we are about to enlist according to men interviewed are stereotyped to be loose, dangerous, mean, ambitious, intelligent and every trait that men hate or are uncomfortable with regarding women they desire settling down with. ‘It is over and out now, Roger’ (The military and policewomen) Revered because, ‘you cannot cross them’ according to Arnold Korir, they are armed and trained in disarmament that can get one spouse signing P3 Forms if an angry brush with their martial arts skills doesn’t get them disabled.

Just why those in the military and police force have little tolerance when ‘played.’ They shoot to kill, mostly, the competition!

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They are well travelled, earn good money and everything they have is from Seattle, Istanbul, Jo’burg, St Petersburg…. Most men speculate, that their constant traveling exposes them to numerous adventures they’d rather not imagine.