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Though illegal, brothels and paying for sex is common both for visitors and locals with bar girls being the most popular way to find a hooker in the capital.

More than 97% of the country are Buddhist and this has a big influence on moral attitudes towards sex, nudity and pornography.

In general, the people of Cambodia have a relaxed attitude towards sex but, as in many Asian counties, can be polarised between the urban and rural areas.

The plans have been met with opposition in some areas of the country with teachers routinely skipping the subject or failing to follow the prescribed guidelines.Those that have forged a career for themselves as adult models and adult film stars have done so abroad; specifically in America.‘Khmerican’ adult film stars of note include: The only Cambodian porn star of note internationally is Mia Park, also known as Mia Asian or Mia Parks.Cambodia is a very conservative nation when it comes to sex.Cambodian (khmer) women do not flaunt their bodies and showing a bit too much skin is generally frowned upon in this Buddhist nation.

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The decline in the use of condoms has had a correlative impact on STD rates and teen pregnancies.