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And now later in the year I plan on running a 100 miler. I reckon I will be fit if I carry on with the 50 mile weeks.

I often think ahead to the next race, mentally rehearsing what I am going to do, but this time it's different.

The "what to do when I feel sleepy or have a sore leg or am thirsty" doesn't cross my mind anymore.

Now it's "how am I going to feel 12 hours in when I'm sore and sleepy and all I can think about is putting the kids to bed?

I will cancel a run if there is any issue and have had to pull out of a few half marathons when the kids are sick.

We often put him in a dress, because he likes it, lets face it, wearing just a dress and a nappy in the summer sounds pretty comfortable to me. These are two male skewed activities, I have no desire to push the boy into one of them any more than the girl.

I'd hate for either of them to get excited about cars. --virtue signal ends--Let's leave biology on the table Studies are ten a penny demonstrating that "social conditioning" is associated with the social conditions we see.

If you look around the startline at a 100 mile ultra marathon you'll probably notice more men than women.

That is of course if you can tell the difference, they all look pretty much the same when wrapped up in compression gear and have bottles strapped to their chests. It's probably best to look at the Ms and Fs on the start list if you want to gauge how many of each group there are in the race.

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Sometimes I'm just too tired to run after being up all night.