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It varies in amount, form, and substance, depending on the perspective.And just as artists make use of the representational power of space, scientists and nonscientists alike often manipulate igno-rance, maximizing or minimizing it in ways that affect the credibility of what we know.Such uses, the article argues, reflect and serve claimants ’ interests.The news media, in turn, appropriate and emphasize those ignorance claims that advance and protect their own particular concerns.

In turn Fahnestock shows how changes in the information and changes in specific terminology are necessary for accommodation.Last class meeting we discussed discourse communities and what John Swales claimed the 6 criteria were to be considered a discourse community.Swales stated that discourse communities must have a set of common goals, methods for intercommunication between members, uses participatory mechanisms for information and feedback, possesses one or more genre, acquires a specific lexis, and has a level of members which are experts and beginners.Once attention is focused on ignorance rather than on knowledge, one begins to see that ignorance is not the simple absence of knowledge.Instead, like the space around objects, ignorance has its own configurations.

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