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Ads dating girl personals relationshipboxcom site

One man searched for a “mature Twiggy-type woman who is also unpretentious,” while another wanted an “Angie Dickinson type.” Women were usually less specific: someone “warm, self-confident, with it,” though taller men were preferred.

(Correspondingly, the men seem to have fudged a little—many listed their height as at least one inch above the average.).

Thanks so much for the wonderful service you provideour new family wouldnt be here without you.

was the first, and largest, “singles newspaper” in the city, and promised “real ads… real responses…” from “100’s of eligible singles.” A fresh romantic life could be yours for just 75 cents a copy.

Women stress those physical attributes, while men speak of status, occupation, or financial security.

Cameron, Oskamp, and Sparks remark, drily, “The overwhelmingly positive content of the ads is especially clear if one considers the likely nature of information which was not presented.” Well, hope springs eternal.

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I dont professional it S a fuel warehouse, Talen told him.

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