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Sims are the primary focus of The Sims series, and are considered the main life state in nearly every game in the series.Sims are complex creatures, capable of desires, fears, and physical and mental needs., which are the result of genetics, Sim-hybrids are not possible.

After that, no game quite got as close to The Sims as the game itself.

Vampires are Sims inflicted with a viral illness that grants them heightened abilities at the cost of needing nourishment from agents that are present in Human Sim blood.

Plant Sims are Sims who have acquired some qualities of plants, such as the ability to photosynthesize, and who therefore have different needs.

Mummies are cursed Sims in a state which can be considered a derivative of Zombieism.

Servos, Sim Bots, and Plumbots are considered as Artificial Sims.

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Sims live out their day-to-day lives, while also living out a full life cycle, stretching from birth to death.