Adult dating youngstown ohio

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Adult dating youngstown ohio

He argued for freezing federal salaries to bring them in line with the private sector and said in a 2007 video that the landmark 1993 law granting unpaid family and medical leave encourages employee timecard abuses.

Since Trump took office, Sherk’s hard-line stance has helped guide the ongoing power struggles with the unions, according to Trump advisers.

The administration and the unions have courted Capitol Hill allies, with Republicans supporting Trump’s tactics and Democrats backing the unions, a key constituency.

[Trump takes aim at federal bureaucracy with executive orders rolling back civil-service protections] Trump’s executive orders represent a broadening of the get-tough initiativesthat have played out in individual agencies since he took office, including recent efforts to force unions to move out of government-paid office space and to rein in the use of official work time by union representatives who deal with employee grievances and disciplinary matters.

Federal employee union membership is growing, even as private sector union enrollment declines.

Many of the efforts have been overseen by James Sherk, a former Heritage Foundation labor economist who joined Trump’s transition team to tackle labor challenges.

He now sits on the low-profile Domestic Policy Council.

The White House declined to make him available for an interview.

Over a decade at Heritage, a leading conservative think tank, Sherk, 37, wrote policy papers on the need to roll back public employee labor rights. Scott Walker (R) engineer a plan to bust the state’s employee unions in 2011.

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And agencies are directed to move swiftly to fire poor performers, renegotiating any contracts that allow for progressive discipline.

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