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Asenath Harvey Darling purchased the house on her own in 1864.She was quoted as stating that she wished her property to be “independent of her present or any future husbands.” Before her death in 1893, her “present” husband was Manly Darling, a carriage maker.Jane is a schoolteacher and was the first to show the interior of the garrison to visitors.Frances Perry Dudley, a descendant of Peter Gilman, first visited the house sometime during the first decade of the twentieth century, as attested by the guestbook owned by the Exeter Historical Society.Architectural historian Abbott Lowell Cummings pointed out the easily recognizable defensive features: abnormally small window openings, firing ports in the second floor overhang, and evidence of a portcullis.The first reference to the house comes in 1719, when the site was issued a tavern license.

They can never be studied as a collection, something New Hampshire architectural historian James Garvin says “began the obscurity that has deepened ever since, until the surprising talents and accomplishment of the man have been reduced to a half-remembered legend.” Mrs.Around 2000, dendrochronology was performed on the house.Dendrochronology is a scientific process of dating sturctural elements through tree ring patterns.Immerse yourself in Revolutionary history at the American Independence Museum, or at the Exeter Historical Society.Discover nearby restaurants and lodging options at the Greater Exeter Chamber of Commerce.

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The two models of the garrison on display in the museum were made by Manly Darling.