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PODCAST LISTENERS ARE PASSIONATE They're obsessive. They’re the ones who dedicate time, energy, resources and MONEY to their favorite things. PODCAST LISTENERS ARE A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE They're not flipping the dials. Advertise across our entire empire for your largest reach, or target individual shows and their respective audiences.SPREAD YOUR TARGETED MESSAGE TO AN ACTIVELY LISTENING AUDIENCE Plus, you'll be featured on our Website absolutely free of charge!Long before my photo/video career I attempted my own tale of torture, "Funtime for Jody" which was featured on Alebeard's old site, 'Tales of Rape, Pillage and Torture'.Although I have found it reposted with other's claiming credit.Does anyone know are there any history of non electric (the Sybian horse is a electrical device) kinds of pussy torture dildo devices used by inquisitors for torture in conjunction with Spanish horse, or are they just a ladies sex toy? Amy said; "I could be persuaded to do another scene like that".I am a fiery gimp kind of gimper but please Amy do another Spanish horse torture scene in the next with any kind of wood and slippery shape you desire.

In the meantime we will do our best to deliver the best possible gaming experience by further improving our website.

Or I could laquer it so the sides are more slippery. All that's needed is a little discipline, I guess....

There actually are Sybian horse gimp videos: sybian which until yesterday I didn't even know existed or at least I did not know that the device was called. So many times I've uttered those very's hoping you're successful.

Torture Tomb reminded me of the best interior fiction from the Men's magazines ('World of Men', 'Man's Action') etc that were widely published in the sixties and seventies.

The thing that made that fiction so exciting was captured effectively in 'Torture Tomb'.

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I would keep the Spanish horse and rack but what else and what would you add? ), but I happened to peruse the board recently and was delighted to find that the novel 'Torture Tomb' was being prominently mentioned on the board.