Ambers junction

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This canal was culverted beneath the street from the 1870s onward, allowing for further development of the street to be undertaken.

The course of the stream is still reflected today in the slight bend of lower Queen Street.

The same year the first electric trams also arrived, to provide services until 1956.

The fires, amongst other things, led to the establishment of the Auckland Volunteer Fire Service.

In the 1880s, the first horse-drawn buses began connecting Queen Street with areas such as Ponsonby Road and Remuera.

From north of Shortland Street, Queen Street is built on land reclaimed from the sea in the late 19th century (see Auckland waterfront article).

There are several other 'Queen Streets' in the greater Auckland area, mostly in suburbs that were separate towns before being absorbed by a growing central city.

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Auckland City Council decided to address the issue of the 'tired' Queen Street through a major redevelopment of the street.