Ancient history dating methods

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Ancient history dating methods

The first two books, like I mentioned in my first post, can be read in their entirety at Google Books.

For those that may think that shortening the timeline of history is a completely crackpot idea, keep in mind that the venerated analytical mind of Isaac Newton questioned the standard chronology as well, even writing a book on it called My guess is that most modern Newton biographers avoided mentioning his chronological research, or summarized this aspect of his life as simply a profound obsession with the Christian bible.

Especially the history of their birth and of their early years is furnished with phantastic [sic] traits; the amazing similarity, nay literal identity, of those tales, even if they refer to different, completely independent peoples, sometimes geographically far removed from one another, is well known and has struck many an investigator.

Nikolai Morozov was the first to claim the existence of correlations between the dynasties of Old-Testament kings and Roman emperors and to suggest that the entire chronology prior to the 1st century BC is wrong.[citation needed] Fomenko became interested in Morozov's problematic theories in 1973.

While some mainstream researchers have offered revised chronologies of Classical and Biblical history which do shorten the timeline of ancient history by eliminating various "dark ages," none of these revisionist chronologies are as radical as Fomenko's: the events which are traditionally assumed to have happened in the centuries before AD 1 are still thought to have happened thousands of years ago, not hundreds of years ago as in Fomenko's timeline.

— New research by an international team has revealed that there was much more diversity in the leprosy strains circulating in Medieval Europe than previously thought. — Scientists have successfully reconstructed genomes from Stone Age and Medieval European strains of the hepatitis B virus.

The chronology is commonly associated with the name of Fomenko, although it is, in fact, a collaboration of Fomenko with several other Russian Middle Ages and Antiquity, and the Early Middle Ages are eliminated.

According to Fomenko, the history of humankind goes only as far back as AD 800, we have almost no information about events between AD 800-1000, and most historical events we know took place in AD 1000-1500.

This unprecedented recovery of ancient virus DNA indicates that hepatitis B ...

— A new study has discovered that horses were first domesticated by descendants of hunter-gatherer groups in Kazakhstan who left little direct trace in the ancestry of modern populations. — A new article provides guidance for those intending to study ancient human remains in the Americas.

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In 1980, together with a few colleagues from the mathematics department of Moscow State University, he published several articles on "new mathematical methods in history" in peer-reviewed journals.

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