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Two public figures (Pilate and Caesar) stand on their own, as does the concept of "the Christ".

These two lists make me think that Mark 1.1 should not be considered part of the narrative proper, since both God and especially Jesus would seem to fit in better with the likes of Caesar, Simon, and Moses than with the likes of blind Bartimaeus or Jairus the synagogue official.

Encarta has a specific quotation, regarding the turning of a key in a door.

Another place to look for the word might be in references to early Italian "Juggling"...To apply a routine to; to organize according to a routine.

So perhaps there's nothing to do, apart from telling me whether these dates seem sensible. 'suddenly; straightaway' antedating 1946and its earlier partner:presto change int. Bill, While you are talking to your friend, ask him to add "Routine - Verb" to the dictionary. That is the reason I normally use my newer edition of Encarta....

Either way, I'd be grateful for any feedback.presto chango interj. The verb transitive "Routinize" just does not work for me. 712/1 No actor can possibly play leading parts of the first order six nights a week all the year round unless he underplays them, or routines them mechanically in the old stock manner. I have not used a recent OED since my grad-school days...

Since words are added to languages through constant usage, tell your friend that magicians use the word all the time and really need "Routine" to be acceptable as a regular verb.

Now, to your specific question: Both my OED and Encarta make references to "Presto", or more specifically, "Praesto" which go back to 16th Century Italy.

Thanks a lot i really appreciate it.b166er1337, Another question for you : P. I will have been off for 11 weeks claiming sick benefits.

I am an email friend of Jesse Shiedlower, who is the American editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.

He recently sent me the following: Quote starts *************************I had a few magic terms to deal with--well, only two, but in a total of eight (! Quote ends ******************************In other words, he is looking for quotes and citations for the phrases "presto chango" and "presto change" that antedate the dates listed, in the various parts of speech listed. 65 He spent the intervening days working out his routining.

) different parts of speech--and I thought you might be interested in doing a little searching on this, as I know this is a special interest of yours. 'p-c costumery', 'p-c trick' 'p-c word') antedating 1923n. My own library is mostly in the second half of the twentieth century, so I'm not able to push these further back. 31 Yen Lo got three implantation teams started on them, staying with each team through the originating processes until he had assured himself that all had been routined with smoothness. Start with the flashy stuff or save those for the end?

It seems these have been checked in newspaperarchive, and apparently Pro Quest as well. 'a quick or sudden change; (also) an instance of saying 'presto chango', antedating 1927adv. [and are online searchable databases of newspapers that are used a great deal in etymological research.]If you can provide earlier citations (with full bibliographic information, page number, column number, and enough of an exact quote to put it into good context), and would like to help make the Oxford English Dictionary a little bit better, send it to me, and I'll forward it along to Jesse. 39, I was consulted by Whalen and Martelle relative to routining their shows. 43 There are a variety of typical steps which can be routined at the will of the dancer. Actually James, I just looked at my old battered, multil-volumn edition of the OED, and it does not have the vt usage of "routine".

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It seems clear that the usual custom is to give some sort of descriptor (a patronymic, a relationship with some previous character, or some other quality, for example) when introducing a character for the first time; but there are some notable exceptions.