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The source program underlying DIINAR.1 is analysed, and some figures and ratios are presented.

The original categorisations are, in the course of scrutiny, partly revisited.

These ratios can be considered as one overall language-specific criterion for the analysis, evaluation and validation of lexical d B-s in Arabic.

A contrastive account that depicts the principal differences among Arabic sign languages in general and the spoken language is given.

Abstract: Abstract   The interlingual approach to machine translation (MT) is used successfully in multilingual translation.

It aims to achieve the translation task in two independent steps.

First, meanings of the source-language sentences are represented in an intermediate language-independent (Interlingua) representation.

Then, sentences of the target language are generated from those meaning representations.

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The production of combined content-function words, a unique feature of the Arabic language, was associated with a high level of disfluency.