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Put i Tunes on shuffle and write a drabble for the first 10 songs that play. I didn't get that far, obviously, as there are only seven parts to it. That was embarrassing." Noel rolls over onto his side and shuffles closer, his lips brushing the bare skin of Russell's shoulder. Although that would be an awesome brand name if it wasn't already copyrighted by spoilsports) and this video about Dee's horrendous hayfever... Satisfied, she settles, until everybody moves a second later, and once again, she is covered in various limbs. "We've been doing this for ages and you two still haven't bought a bigger bed." Sue locks the door behind them, and when she turns around, Noel is pressing Dee against the hallway wall and kissing her with a fierce intensity that makes Sue wish Chris was here with her and not in Berlin.He was also rumoured to have grown close to ex-flame Pixie’s late sister Peaches, but for the past five years Noel has been with Radio X host Lliana Bird.

The London-born star, educated at Croydon School of Art, is best known for the peculiar stage show comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh, which enjoyed three BBC2 series. It seems normal because you think everyone does it. They never said, ‘you’ve got to go to bed or you’ll be tired for school’.Noel Fielding's girlfriend fights with love rival Pixie Geldof Rumours have been circulating in recent weeks about Noel Fielding having a fling with Pixie Geldof and we'd completely forgotten that - apart from anything else - Noel has a long-term girlfriend. A source said: "There's no love lost between Dee and Pixie, but they had never actually met.The Mighty Boosh comedian's long-suffering girl, Dee Plume, has had to put up with a lot over the years what with Noel's rumoured encounters with Courtney Love among other things, but it seems she finally lost it with Boomtown Brat Pixie over the weekend. "Dee was having a drink in one of the upstairs rooms of the pub and you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife when Pixie trotted in.“I went out all the time to try to replace the buzz of performing with alcohol and drugs. It lasts about three months, then you calm down and think, ‘What was I doing?’” His hard-partying lifestyle went hand-in-hand with womanising.

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"Words were exchanged and the situation swiftly hotted up.

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