Are zac and vanessa still dating october 2016

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- - 29 November President Jacob Zuma has survived an attempt to remove him from office after a dramatic three-day ANC national executive committee meeting.The ANC NEC was divided on Zuma's future, with both his detractors and supporters pushing to win the day, after his recall as state president was raised at the meeting on Saturday.The ministers made the dramatic threat on the sidelines of a tense extended national executive (NEC) committee meeting.The threat can be viewed as a pre-emptive strike against Zuma, who has been planning a Cabinet reshuffle to purge his political opponents.Cabinet appointments remain Zuma's prerogative, but ministers had spoken out despite serving at his pleasure.At the same time Mantashe on Tuesday assured members that there would be no reprisals for those who called for Zuma to be removed.

- - 23 March A collective of former African National Congress (ANC) military commanders have called on the ANC to convene a special national congress to elect new leadership.In an unprecedented debate, which most analysts see as the waning of Zuma's political clout, some members called for him to step down and those close to him came to his defence.- - 29 November A group of ministers threatened to resign on Sunday if President Jacob Zuma remained as the country's president.Now that the revolt against Zuma has gone to the highest level of the ANC, he is in for a hell ride as his term inelegantly disintegrates. This is the caveat for anyone hoping to appeal to reason or Zuma's conscience.In Zuma's echo chamber of allies and flunkies, that is the prevailing belief Nkandla, state capture, South Africa's economic woes, Fees Must Fall, the SABC commotion are all being orchestrated to shame Zuma and his government" - 13 September The ANC in Kwa Zulu-Natal has called for an assessment of the process by which the party selects candidates for elections.

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In a letter, generals of the ANC's Umkhonto we Sizwe movement also call on the ANC to deal directly with the alleged Gupta family's influence over its leadership.

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