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"We came up with the idea that Lauren should be the main character and entry point at the last minute.

“I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.”“You know what you did.”“Truth and time tells all.”These three quotes are as memorable today as they were when Lauren Conrad and Justin Bobby Brescia first uttered them on as a whole, you somehow fall into an existential quandary that will plague the supposed “reality” show from now until it’s officially erased from our cultural consciousness: Was it real or fake?It seems like such an odd milestone,” Di Vello said when we started our conversation.“I am surprised at the amount of nostalgia for the show…“In the pilot, we had the Kelly Clarkson song where she’s going through a million doors. note: “Breakaway.”] But we couldn’t get it cleared, so we were scrambling around looking for a replacement.I’m not quite sure who brought ‘Unwritten’ to my attention…but as soon as we heard it, we knew it was perfect for .

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So, if Audrina heard that Justin Bobby was off doing something that she ain’t happy with, we’d have her sit down and tell Lauren about it, just so that we have it on camera. Were they actually going out to meals and simply staring at one another? How did the producers craft these long stares into meaningful, impactful drama that sustained the show’s forward momentum?

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