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Aum atichart aff taksaorn are dating

However, in the next morning, Pawan woke up naked and saw that Nian was crying. He was bored of her and quarrelled with her so often.

He started going out and sleeping around with a woman in a bar.

Pawan didn't understand anything and thought that she didn't want him anymore, so he let her go. He kept drinking, getting drunk and sleeping around.

One day, when Pawan was drunk and Nian took care of him, he thought of Thuma so much and kept raving about her.

Tik tried to open Tao's eyes seeing that Aer was not a good man. Tik also told Tao about Thuma's baby with Pawan, a guy she loved, so Tao decided to let Thuma free and divorce her.

Nian tried to call for attention from Pawan, so she tried to commit suicide.

Thuma was very hurt and thought that Pawan was bored of her and didn't want to see her anymore.

She also heard everybody in company talking about the relationship between Pawan and Nian.

After Thuma knew that she was pregnant with Pawan, she was very happy and wanted to tell him, but Nian still kept her from meeting him.Thuma was lonely and wanted to have someone, so she dated him.They kept dating, fell in love with each other and had the affair.Later, his father was shot to death by his lover's husband. Thuma got married with Tao, her brother's friend because her family had some financial problem and Tao volunteered to help her.But After she moved to America with him, she just realized that her husband was gay (queen) and she had to live in the same house with her husband and his boyfriend.

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Tik was the first guy that Tao used to sleep with, but at that time, Tik told Tao that he couldn't live his life like that with Tao, so they had to separate.

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