Backdating your late ssdi application

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Backdating your late ssdi application

I’ve visited the SS office and spoken to an attorney (class action suit, anyone? You are my last hope — if possible, I am hoping you will direct me to the definitive article about this circumstance.

If there has been a cost-of-living increase during your back pay period, the actual total of your Social Security Disability back pay will be a little less than estimated because not all months will be paid at the current rate.

By waiting I got the highest retirement benefit for myself, and by waiting my wife got the highest spousal for herself.” Then we talked a bit about Social Security’s financing and complexity. “Social Security has a long history of pushing people to take their retirement benefits too early.” “But why is the benefit 6 percent lower? “Because waiting an extra year between full retirement age and 70 to collect your retirement benefit, raises it by 8 percent per year.

At the end of this discussion he said, “You know, the folks at Social Security were really nice. So if you went in three months early, they surely treated you as not waiting till 70 in the first place and then, in giving you benefits six months in arrears, they pushed your retirement benefit filing date back another six months. Nine months is three quarters of a year, so you lost three quarters of the 8 percent yearly benefit increase (called the Delayed Retirement Credit). “I wish I had talked with you sooner.” Anonymous: My husband is turning 65 in September. We have a mentally disabled son — age 33 — who lives at home with us.

This will entail no present value cost to Missouri’s School System, but it will let you and others take your Social Security benefits for eight years without the WEP or GPO kicking in, i.e., the WEP and GPO only come into play when you start collecting your non-covered pension.

Lisa: Teachers don’t expect SS benefits for their teaching years (as not taxed for SS), but it seems a miscarriage of justice to lose earned SS benefits and spouse’s earned benefits if widowed simply because one chooses to teach in a public school in states such as Missouri.

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