Blind dating 2016 part 1 Cyber sex video chat

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As conversation spreads between the two families—living address, education, occupations, hobbies for family background—you find out the guy is actually nine years older than you.

The “adults” seem relaxed and start to laugh and joke, while the “kids” stay stone silent, mostly.

Although it’s rude to ask the exact amount of income during the first time of meeting, you can get a general idea about how rich or poor the man and his family are through his job, his parents’ experiences, and the latest purchase or trip abroad that they “incidentally” mention.

A rich family would never conceal how much they have.

It's not that guys aren’t up for an old-school blind date at all.

In fact, I interviewed a group of ten guys, and all said they would consider a blind date, but they have a few more reservations.

It doesn’t involve any romance—the only goal is marriage.

It’s not about finding a someone you care about or anything resembling love.

Whether you are a man or a woman coming across as someone who is happy to be with someone of the opposite sex so long as he or she is breathing just isn't very attractive.

She should pretend she is shy because that, apparently, is the sign of a good woman.

Talk of income and property is an unavoidable, yet tricky topic.

In a state of near-orgasmic delight, she says, “He is really great and only a couple of years older than you.” As you rack your brains for an excuse to politely turn it down, your aunt continues to lecture you about your age, “We will meet him tomorrow,” she finishes matter-of-factly. The guy is sitting with his middle-aged female matchmaker, father and little sister, and slowly drinks his tea without much expression.

The matchmaker introduces the man and woman; one of the very few times your eyes meet.

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Sometimes you empty your tea cup fast to see if the man is aware enough refill it for you.