British pakistani dating

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British pakistani dating

Mosques and extra-curricular religious facilities were appreciated and used, but practices were changing to connect with people whose needs have developed in Britain. My kids don't go to a mosque, they go to a madrassah.

Despite these variations, overall there has been an overwhelming shift in perspective.

Drug-dealing is not ubiquitous in Bradford, but the men's accounts indicated the extent to which it was nevertheless seen as a career choice for a few younger men. It's got to such a stage that they say it's the police who are doing wrong for locking them up.

For some, the greater problem with the drugs trade was that it is not being tackled effectively, an experience compounded in the context of encounters with authority, particularly the police. That's the mentality now: a drug-dealer is right for selling drugs, but the police are wrong for setting him up. Imran's a good guy.'" (MET) Islam was an integral aspect of spiritual and personal-political life, even for those who did not profess to be practising Muslims.

This study, by Yunis Alam and Charles Husband, gathered insights, experiences and narratives from 25 men aged 16-38 that shed light on being a Bradfordian man of Pakistani and Muslim heritage.

While there was some generational continuity of cultural values and norms, significant changes also appeared to be taking place.

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