Broken heart dating site

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Broken heart dating site

If even the most inconsequential things make you cry, such as forgetting to bring an umbrella on a rainy day or you lash out at a friend over a minor disagreement, you may worry you are having a mental breakdown.

But you aren’t losing your mind - and the stress hormone cortisol is most likely to blame for your erratic behaviour The emotional pain of a breakup often results in your body pumping itself full of cortisol, which suppresses the immune system and affects coping mechanisms.

The underlying reason may be low self-esteem - a thought that needs to be let go of.The first step in fixing the problem is understanding that it is normal, according to Dr Winch.So if the littlest things are setting you off post-breakup, take a moment to recognise that our reactions are most likely caused by our bodies response to the breakup, and not by new permanent personalities as sad, angry, jilted exes.You have to force yourself to remember the relationship clearly - that does not mean convince yourself that they are actually a terrible person.Instead, Dr Winch says the heartbroken must remind themselves of the flaws in the relationship.

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Simply create one - Dr Winch suggests one that is kind to your self-esteem, such as “he had a commitment issue.” By understanding or coming to an understanding about why the relationship has ended, we allow ourselves to stamp out any hopes for reconciliation and move forward with our lives.