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View more information and other works of art by Pierre Bonnard.

Pierre Bonnard (Fontenay-aux-Roses, 1867 - Paris, 1947): When Pierre Bonnard's first poster appeared on Paris walls in March of 1891 it so impressed an older artist by the name of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec that he promptly announced to his friends that he would try his own hand at poster making.

Berdanier, 'Paul Berdanier', Georges Belin-Dollet, Alphonse Bourdin, and Frederic Bouchot, the 18th century British botanical artist, Elizabeth Blackwell, and the Canadian aritist, Gerard Brender a Brandis, the twentieth century African-American painter and printmaker, Elmer William Brown 'Elmer Brown', one of the leading American Realist artists, Alice Dalton Brown, and the mid-nineteenth century American landscape artist, George Loring Brown.

Our collection features original art created by artists from many countries such as the contemporary Russian art, Anatoly Pavlovich Belkin, the eighteenth century British artists, Amalie Baader and Thomas Banks or the more modern American artists, Leonard Baskin, Fletcher Benton, George Biddle, Harrison Begay and Roberto Bero, the Canadian artists, Roloff Beny, Thomas Harold Beament, the 19th century Italian artists, Mose Bianchi, Giuseppe Bortignoni, 20th century artists, Edmond Bille, Arun Bose, Anne Breivik and Wolff Buchholz, the Mexican artist, Hugo Brehme, the British Satirical artist, Bernard Baron, the French artists, Frederic Bouchot, the German printmaker and painter, Walter Becker and others.

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If you wish to view the entire list of the biographies provided, please go to the Artist's Biography) page. Batley' 'Henry Batley', Georgette Batlle, Carl Bauer, Carl Josef Bauer, Karl-Conrad-Friedrich Bauer (Karl Bauer), Bill Brauer, William Brauer, Aline Beaudoin, Harold Baumbach, George Baxter, Thomas Harold Beament, Thomas Beament, Alphonse Beaujoint, Sir William Beechey, Leonhard Beck, Isaac Beckett, Joel Beckwith, Maurice Jaubert de Becque 'Maurice de Becque', Francis Bedford, Doris Riker Beer, Cornelis Bega , Harrison Begay, Anatoly Belkin, Anatoly Pavlovich Belkin, Robert Anning Bell, Hippolytte Bellange, Francois Bellay, Zepherin Felix Jean Marius Belliard, Zepherin Belliard, Georges Belin-Dollet, Albert Fitch Bellows, George Wesley Bellows, 'George Bellows', Jacobus Belsen, Jacques Beltrand, Arthur Bendrat, Michele Beneditte, Antimo Beneduce, John Alfred Everest Bennett, John Bennett, William James Bennett, William Bennett, Phillippe Benoist, Sheila Benow, Ben Albert Benson, Alfred Bentley, John Bentley, John T.In 1956 he concluded his printmaking studies in Paris, under Stanley William Hayter and G. Since 1950 the artist has published a fine oeuvre of creative etchings with strong elements of surrealism and mythological imagery.Martin Barooshian's etchings have now been exhibited world wide.Brandard, Georges Braque, George Braque, Gerard Brender a Brandis, Sir Frank Brangwyn, Pierre Brebiett, Hugo Brehme, Anne Breivik, Albert Brendel, Alfred Brennan, Alfred Laurens Brennan, Alfred Laurens Brennan, James Bretherton, Jules Adolphe Breton 'Jules Breton', Harvey Breverman, Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Leonard Robert Brightwell, Leonard Brightwell, British Artists: Vanity Fair (Spy, Ape, Lib, Nimo, Tissot, Guth, etc...), Francesco Brizio, Charles Edmund Brock, Richard Brompton, August Bromse, Robert Brooks, Frederick Brosen, Auguste Brouet, Alice Dalton Brown, Bolton Coit Brown, Bolton Brown, Elmer William Brown 'Elmer Brown', Francis Bruce Brown, Henry James Stuart Brown, Roy Brown, Roy H.Brown, John George Brown, George Loring Brown, Mather Brown, Philip Brown Parsons, George Elmer Browne, John Browne, Hablot Knight Browne, Colleen Browning, Jennie Brownscombe, Jennie Agusta Brownscombe, Franco Bruna, Francis Brundage, Alfred Louis Brunet-Debaines, Alfred Brunet-Debaines, Max Bruning, John Brunsden, Edith Bry, Armin Buchterkirch, Wolff Buchholz, John Chessel Buckler, Edwin Buckman, Robert Budzinski, Buff & Buff Manufacturing Company, Boston, Bernard Buffet, R. Bufs, William Henry Bunbury, Charles Ragland Bunnell, Buntsu, Johann Burger, William Walter Burgess, William Burgess, Michael Burghers, Thomas Burke, Robert Burkert Randall, Burland Lithographic Company, Roger Burlet-Viennay, Burnett, George Elbert Burr, Charles Burt, Samuel Chatwood Burton, Samuel Burton and William Byrne.

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Today his art is included in such major international collections as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the New British Museum of American Art, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, IBM Corporation, Xerox Corporation and the Museum of Modern Art, New Delhi, India.

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