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Bt broadband usage monitor not updating

This is to ensure that one user does not affect broadband performance for others online at the same time.A fair usage policy may significantly limit your download speed at peak times, even if you have an unlimited package.If you monitor your usage and find you use less data than your package allows, you could save money by switching to a lower data limit.It is also a useful way to see if your broadband is being hijacked if unusually large amounts of data are being downloaded.

The BT Home Hub 5 is a dualband router, which means that there are two wireless frequencies for your devices to connect to: 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

God only knows why BT thought it would be a good idea to direct you to a page all about your broadband account and its associated products when you first connect a new device to the Home Hub 5, but that's exactly what Smart Setup does.

It's well annoying, and can even prevent some devices (particularly Internet of Things products) from connecting to the internet altogether.

Some suppliers send you a warning email when you exceed your limit so that you can modify your usage.

However, others may not contact you until after the charges have been applied.

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It’s important to place it in the centre of your home, so it’s never too far away from any of your devices.