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Canadian armed forces dating site

The Section historique of the French general staff, which operated between 18, provides one measure of the military's interests; it published 80 volumes on the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars but only 6 specialized studies dealing with the reign of Louis XIV.

After all, the emperor had marched his armies across Europe, from Lisbon to Moscow, while Louis' forces ventured less far from home.

Several military leaders in the American Civil War, like George Mc Clellan, often styled themselves after the erstwhile French Emperor and hoped to emulate his triumphs.

French military expertise was often sought by other nations.

The French soldier had become an equal citizen by right and by glory." 1803-1807 1808-11 1812 1813 1814 1815 5. French military expertise was often sought by other nations.

These regiments were called infanterie francaise as opposed to the mercenary infantry recruited elsewhere.During the reign of Napoleon in the early nineteenth century, France reached the height of its power.By 1807, after spectacular triumphs at Austerlitz, ( Jena ( and Friedland, many Europeans believed the French were invincible.The officers and men were to be of the Roman Catholic faith, the official state religion.Recruiting parties went to towns and villages looking for likely volunteers, inducing them to enlist with the usual promises wines, money, fast women, and glory.

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