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In addition to technical skills, the course will train students in how to think like a programmer.

Students will learn how to deconstruct complex problems and break them into smaller modules.

The Web Development Part-time course meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays with additional online coursework over a period of 6 months.

This 24 week course is catered to beginners with no previous design or technical experience.

I did a ton of research before choosing the right program for me, and the moment I found Ironhack I knew it was the right choice.

From the very first point of contact with the company I could feel the passion from its team and it was contagious.

However, the most important skill that students will take away from this course is the ability to learn. A good programmer has a general understanding of the various programming languages and when to use them.

This 8 week immersive course is catered to beginners with no previous design or technical experience.

Ironhack is a 9-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time web development and UX/UI design bootcamp in Miami, Florida; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; Mexico City, Mexico; and Berlin, Germany.

Ironhack uses a customized approach to education by allowing students to shape their experience based on personal goals.

Graduates of Ironhack will be well-positioned to find a job as a web developer or UX/UI designer upon graduation as all students have access to career services to prepare them for the job search and facilitating interviews in their city's local tech ecosystem.

This course enables students to design and build full stack Java Script web applications.

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The UX/UI program covers Design Thinking, Photoshop, Sketch, Balsamiq, In Vision, and Java Script.

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