Causes interracial dating is bonnie hunt dating gerard butler

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[Note: Sports & War metaphors to explain sex is essentially a male tradition.

Even the word "vagina" is derived from war, as it is the latin word for "sword sheath".

Finding out about sex, either from word-of-mouth with other kids, or from family members who take the time to explain the "birds and the bees" or from sex education in school boys instinctively figure out that sex is fun, exciting and the thing adults do secretly.

The natural reaction is to be curious but at the same time insecure about asking such questions because there is so many confusing emotions involved and insecurity (see below). [Or from other men, but boys don't usually know this at such an early age.

As William grows older and quickly defines "blonde big tits = beautiful".

As that boy gets older William is immediately more attracted to blondes with large breasts.

The excuses are really based on their ignorance and their unwillingness to accept the possibility that the women found something unattractive about them (whether it be looks or personality or both).Generally speaking the stereotype is boys like sports, toy guns and violence and girls tend towards playing with dolls, having tea parties and baking cookies with mom (see "Monstrous Domesticity" by Faith Wilding).Even if young William does bake cookies with his mom he's not likely to share this information with any young girls he happens to know, and the fear of being called "gay" if he spoke aloud about playing with dolls (hence the term "action figures") or having tea parties with stuff animals.Lets say however that William does finally meet a girl named Virginia (who is blonde and has the biggest breasts in his chemistry class), and they both like reading Harry Potter books, playing computer games and watching the Simpsons.Something in common at last, but this doesn't mean Virginia is going to give William his first kiss (or run around the bases for a home run).

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A girl is expected to "sugar and spice and everything nice" while "boys will be boys" when it comes to getting into trouble its simply what is expected of them.

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