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We were dating at the time and asked if we could go in together. It’s clear that Danny (Devito) has taken openly to the scripts without hesitation, but do you find that these other actors welcome an opportunity to work in a forum that would, otherwise, not be expected of them at this point in there established careers?

Unfortunately, being a muscle relaxer-fueled fever dream, it's hard to recall all of the details. I imagine that there must have been points when you guys were concerned about contract renewals. The characters often encourage each other to do horrible shit, but they can also at times prevent each other from it.Does FX offer the benefit of still being at the point where they can afford to take the time to push something like this that they believe in simply for its quality, without the same pressures as a larger network might face? It’s been one of my favorite acting experiences so far, because I was obsessed with The State, as well. It seems that one tactic that has been used, especially at the beginning of this new season, is to separate each other so that they are able to take things to the extreme levels that each character is capable of without any outside force to prevent them from going there..These things seem to add to the show without fucking up its consistency.You’ve even pulled off some pretty bold moves, as in making Frank Charlie’s Dad and killing off Dennis and Dee’s mom, without missing a beat.

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