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Chat random video sex wman

Makes a point of not swearing (considering it problematic), but has used the hashtag "#Fuckin pain in the ass". Laughter is usually expressed with at least two vowels, e.g., "HAA HAA". He also breaks words at gendered terms, for example "man gaka" and "a miss." Replaces 'loo' and equivalent sounds with '100'. Censors all but the first letter of swearing with flickering, garbled text. Quirk a combination of Equius's and the Auto-Responder's.Substitutes % for x and equivalent sounds, and 100 and 001 for "loo" and "ool" and equivalent sounds. Much use of "motherfucker", like Gamzee, but unlike Gamzee's irreverent lingo, speaks with an envangelical spirit, delivering voodoo-esque sermons. When speaking in sign language to Meulin, uses rather more morbid reaction GIFs than her. Tends to use a lot of euphemisms such as 'fiddlesti%' and 'horsefeathers'. Speech patterns seem to vary between the Auto-Responder's and Equius's semi-randomly, but are not usually mixed.During the walkaround, the player is provided with an item linking to a text dump of her speech for machine translation (her own Japanese is butchered to be understandable only through this). Usually adds an "H" after "7", to represent lisping t-sounds (rather than s-sounds like Sollux) Tendency to warn about trigger warnings, offensive language, and other "social justice"-esque terminology.

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Used to use 8's to replace "eight" sounds in a conversation with Vriska.

Uses emoticons such as ":)" and ":(" in normal conversation, but doomed alternate John was once seen to use "8O" when he saw "Spidermom".

(Break turns into 8r8k) Uses profanity in almost every sentence; "motherfuck" and variants is particularly prevalent. When stoned, he would occasionally stretch vowels (e.g. Occasionally uses Japanese anime-trope words in romaji, e.g. Other than his number substitution, emotes and weeaboo vocabulary, his typing quirk and mannerisms are modelled very closely after the way the actor Dante Basco (who played the character Rufio in Hook) types on his tumblr.

'w Ha T i S u Uu Uu P', 's Oo Oo Oo Ry') although not to the extent of Vriska. Frequently makes spelling errors in his speech, and occasionally makes sex-related puns, e.g.: "5P0RN75", "8008Y34H".

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0_0 is the only emoticon she uses, except for 0u0 (once).

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