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Chat rooms no sign in and no reg

This will include all special events, VIP levels, and registration types.

We will also be opening applications for Artist Alley, Vendor Room, Programming Submissions, and Hotel Registration for our Con Rate of 9 a night on that date.

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(Re)Generation Who is very happy to announce the following guests for (Re)Generation Who 5: The 8th Doctor Paul Mc Gann will be joining us for the first time at (Re)Generation Who 5.

Special Event Costs: Tea With The Doctor 0 TARDIS (Talking And Relaxing Drinks Including Snacks) 0 Coffee With The Creators We look forward to seeing you all there again this year!

Quick Links: Register for (Re)Generation Who 5 Reserve Your Room for (Re)Generation Who 5 Apply for Vendor Room Apply for Artist Alley Submit a Panel or Request a Guest —– Thanks, -Oni and Harknell, and the entire (Re)Generation Who Team Friday nights at (Re)Generation Who are a night of entertainment: a time to put on makeup, dress up right, and hand over the big stage to the creator of the Daleks himself.

(Spoilers…) Fans of the Classic era also had a chance to see actors and writers interact — like Colin Baker and Michael Jayston facing off as the Sixth Doctor and the Valeyard again!

And if you’d like to see more from any of our performers, check out the links below: Terry Molloy Official Website Twitter: @tuckerspatch Instagram: @montmorencybear Antipode Geek Bellydance Facebook: @Antipode Belly Dance You Tube: Antipode Bellydance Instagram: @antipodedance Twitter: @antipodedance Clay Dockery Coal Hill Website Facebook: @coalhillinc Twitter: @coalhillcon Dustin Hausner Instagram: @dust111 Twitter: @dhausner10 Andy Hicks You Tube channel: Sycorax Rock Twitter: @Dystopiandy Oni Hartstein Official Website Patreon Twitter: @onezumi Instagram: @theonezumi Facebook: @onezumi Angela Pritchett Patreon You Tube: Angela Plays Ukulele Facebook: @angelaplaysukulele Instagram: @angalese Cat Smith Official Website Instagram: @missnerdstiles Twitter: @deadlightsgirl Bandcamp: “Who”-riginals You Tube Channel Facebook: @deadlightsgirls .Join us on the fifth floor for a day of panels, interviews, and fun!Our mainstage events included interviews with TARDIS teams, face-offs between heroes and villains, and the Friday night Companions panel!to take care of all your abatement needs including asbestos and Vermiculite removal.We are certified and licensed with the Ministry of...

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