Chat with young married adults

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Chat with young married adults

Many lack social skills to deal with a increasingly competitive world.

One study found that 45 percent of Chinese urban residents are at risk to health problems due to stress, with the highest rates among high school students.

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Teenagers are reaching puberty about a year earlier than they did 15 years ago, in some cases before they are 11.

In East Asia, teenagers socialize less than one hour a day, compared to 2 to 3 hours in North America.

For them, China has always been a country which is opening up, a place of rapid economic progress and modernization, a place of prosperity and increased abundance, in particular in the urban areas.

For this generation, “June 4th”---the term commonly used to refer to the Tiananmen student demonstrations of 1989---is an event of a long forgotten past, if they remember it at all.

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And they speak about democracy and freedom, independence and rights.

I think we fear them instead of them fearing us.”Another said, “We had a pure childhood.

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From a young age they are exposed to the outside world.” . On her hopes and dreams one 17-year-old girl told the New York Times, “As long as I study hard and love my parents, I’m quite content with what I have. She wants me to grow into a person of talent and education, with manners and a career.”Some teenagers and people in their early 20s in places like Shenzhen are regarded as wasted youth, The work at odd commercial jobs in the day and hang out nightclubs, drop ecstacy and have casual sex at night.