Chinese girls dating western guys

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Chinese girls dating western guys

Each year there are thousands of Western males flocking into Shanghai or Beijing with dreams to find a Chinese woman, learn the language, and make a fortune - in that order. The Western "obsession" with Asian femininity and sexuality goes back to over three hundred years of European colonialism and orientalism, well reported in literature and scholarship.A research paper recently found that Asian-White couples are making the most money. This is the final part from a chapter on ‘Gender’ taken from the East-West dichotomy: [...] Just as Asia had to bend down and suffer under Western military and economic might, so did it have to be submissive to the ‘dominance vs. As long as those occupied cultures did not become ‘Westernized,’ i.e.Chinese guys have a reputation for juggling multiple women.My French boyfriend presented me with a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day this year in which each flower was individually wrapped.Not many other sites can offer you the chance to connect with over 1 million singles from China and across the world, searching for serious relationships and long-term partners.We are committed to helping you find the perfect match, no matter where in the world you may be.A portly western chap of advancing years was balancing a nymph-like Chinese girl on his lap, and they were kissing lavishly.

Now, while all the authors and scholars quoted above allude to the ‘animal instinct’ of bad Western wolves and innocent Asian sheep, I cannot quite get myself to agree with these ‘chronicles of victimization’ of Asia that only play further into the hands of Western dominance.

Is it the more worldly outlooks that foreign guys are supposed to have?

Perhaps it’s because western guys are perceived as being more faithful than their Chinese counterparts (although this, of course, is highly debatable).

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He describes how the suppression of ‘Mother Earth,’ the archetypal feminine, has led us to the brink of world catastrophe, heralded by the ‘Crisis of Europe’ in works such as Donella Meadows’ (1970).