Christian compatibility dating

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Christian compatibility dating

But in practice, it isn't what we many of us do, and understandably so: Calling the whole thing off is difficult, painful, and risky.

That would be awesome, but it’s not always realistic. If you are a Christian, God isn’t a piece of your pie. Why date someone who doesn’t even have God as a piece of the pie? Pull over at the closest gas station and decide what you want in a future spouse. Your list is designed to give you a framework for dating, not be a checklist for it. Your heart and the holiness of marriage are too important to flippantly give away because you are frustrated, impatient, or settling. “Son,” she informed him while waving her hands for emphasis, “a yellow light means STEP ON THE GAS! The Bible, however, teaches that harmonious marriages are anything but natural.Since the Fall in Genesis 3, sin makes us incompatible as relationships became naturally strained and fractured.What do you do if you're engaged but have serious misgivings about your decision, red flags popping up left and right?Do you a) get married, since you've set a date, sent out the invitations, spent a boatload of money, are too embarrassed to back out, and believe that most people get cold feet anyway?

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But the Gospel gives us hope to live in accord with others as Jesus reconstructs relationships.