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Lived in Germany, the old Soviet Union from 78 to 80 then all over the US doing what design engineers do.I've wanted to find a couple old friends but it's been 63 years since I left.It seems a bit sloppy, and at times the film seems choppy and disjointed, an effect which I doubt was intentional.Most of that problem involves the unfortunate ending which somehow got attached to the main film on the DVD.Bought Westchester valve in 1978-2003, Retired to Sun Valley ID, then to Taos, NM in Oct 2016...'05/17/2018Deborah (Lazarz) Andrzejewski - Grand Island resident: 1969 - 1980, GIHS class of 1973, now resides in Dunnellon, FL. Comments: 'Left for Youngstown in 61--went to Lew-port class of 64.05/15/2018Michele (Kaczmarek) Rathmann - Grand Island resident: 1966 - 1992, GIHS class of 1980, now resides in Jacksonville, FL. USAF from 64-68 went to Buffalo State, graduated and worked at Buffalo Valve and Fitting 73-77.POSSESSION has also been released on DVD in France.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production company responsible for POSSESSION was ordered to pay three international film distributors more than million for not theatrically releasing POSSESSION and another film, ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND, with Uma Thurman.

06/13/2018Mike Mc Donnell - Grand Island resident: 1960 - 1998, GIHS class of 1971, now resides in Cumming, GA.

She marries the "good" brother, although it is clear from the beginning that "bad" bro and she have feelings for one another. In the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, the good and the bad collide. When Bad Bro wakes up, he professes to have the memories of Good Bro, and to be in love with Jessica.

As fate would have it, Bad Bro, who has decided that he is not welcome in house of Good Bro anymore, takes off in his somewhat dilapidated car. Most of the backstory must be inferred from a few clues in the dialogue and the emotions of the actors.

Michael Landes was Jimmy Olsen in Lois and Clark TNAOS. Fleming in THE GRUDGE 2 and James Earl Ray in THE X-FILES. The best part of the soundtrack is two tracks by The Stiff Twins, about whom I have been able to find out nothing.

The next best part is the song SAVING MY LOVE sung by Josefina Andersson of Waver. (Andersson is from Stora Lappträsk, a small village in the north of Sweden.) All the music for the film was written by Andreas Alfredsson (the other half of Waver) and Christian Sandquist. It just looks too much like the cover of The Grudge DVD (same production company), and I didn't like that cover much either. She also is uncredited as a nurse in VERONICA DECIDES TO DIE, another Gellar film.

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