Chubby male dating

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Chubby male dating

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It seems these days almost every woman wants a slim, fit, or athletic guy even, including overweight women. BTW, I'm chubby, however, I am cutting back on portions and have started an excercise regiment.

We have a daily exerciase thread in the health and wellness topic section you are welcome to join us, not only do we have a great bunch of folks and have a great time but it really is a good motivation karla I voted for maybe, because it depends on how overweight the man is.

I'm about 25 pounds overweight, so I wouldn't have a problem dating someone equally overweight, but a lot more than that I would find a big turn off.

Call me shallow and pretentious if you will, but NO.

I work out every single day and eat healthy and completely take care of myself.

It's difficult dating someone smaller than you because you're afraid of breaking/crushing them, even though you probably won't. He likes food because it's delicious, and your relationship will probably involve food most of the time....

I want a man who is kind, has a sense of humor, treats me well, and has brains. Guys usually want something "pleasing" to look at while girls definitely go for guys with other qualities other than looks.

Don't get me wrong, initially, I think all people - men or women- are attracted to how someone looks but in the end, it's always about compatibility.

Thankfully I'm relatively tall for my age (6'1" at 17) so I'm not monstrously fat - although it is very noticeable that I'm quite large.

I was just wondering how put off girls are by big guys.

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Speaking as a girl who tends to fall for bigger guys, I think I have some experience on the subject.

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