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Calling parse First() will cause the DTD (or in the future, Schema) to be parsed (both internal and external subsets) and any pre-content, i.e.

So we loop until we get no more data or our handler indicates that it saw what it wanted to see.However, when progressive parsing is done, the client code doing the parse loop might choose to stop the parse before the end of the primary file is reached.In such cases, the parser will not know that the parse has ended, so any resources will not be reclaimed until the parser is destroyed or another parse is started.This version has many bug fixes with regard to XML4C version 2.x.Some of these were reported by users and some were brought up by way of the conformance testing. Some of the new features, such as namespaces, and conformance checks ended up eating up some of these gains, but overall the new version is significantly faster than previous versions, even while doing more.

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Some general improvements are: significantly better conformance to the XML spec, cleaner internal architecture, many bug fixes, and faster speed.