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Comverse technology backdating

The company was a penny stock on the edge of collapse.

The company's origins date to 1982 (or 1983, sources differ), when three Israelis, aspiring investment banker Jacob "Kobi" Alexander of Shearson Loeb Rhoades, engineer Boaz Misholi, and Alexander brother-in-law and Columbia University computer science professor Yechiam Yemini, got together and founded an Israeli start-up company, Efrat Future Technologies Ltd.Founded in 1982, the company went public on the Nasdaq Stock Market in 1986.Led by co-founder and CEO Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, the company originally specialized in centralized hardware/software systems for voice and fax messaging and sold them to telecommunications companies and other large enterprises.In 2006, Comverse was involved in an options backdating scandal.Alexander and two other top executives were charged in the US with multiple counts of conspiracy, fraud, money laundering and making false filings.

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