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Notables include “Strong Patriot,” “Logical Thinker,” and “Self Actualizer.”WEAK PATRIOTS NEED NOT APPLY.4.Conservatives Only They say: “Join the lib-free dating scene.”We say: “Lib-free,” perhaps, but certainly not “Glamour Shots portraits with your dog(s)” free.Use the 'Gun Groups' to find others who share the same interests as you, whether that be hunting, target practice or skeet shooting.”MY HEART IS A SKEET SHOOTER.

There’s also a cartoon depiction of two donkeys with the words “Keep your eye on the enemy!Join our website,, and enjoy communication with like-minded people. Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: 10 years ago online dating was considered as something inappropriate or subpar way of meeting people.But due to the growth of the usage of the Internet in everyday life, conservative online dating services became much more popular.Here are a few “conversation starters” they suggest you try out:“Wanna see my weapon of mass destruction? APPARENTLY THE INTERNET DOESN’T COUNT AS MODERN DAY TECHNOLOGY.7.” “Bush may reduce troops in Iraq, but I need increased coverage on my rack.” “I'm a Republican, but I've got a thing for asses.” “I'm taking a poll. Pentecostal Match They say: “The #1 spirit-filled singles site”We say: That’s the spirit!

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