Consolidating data warehouse tables

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Consolidating data warehouse tables

So the total steps needed are: "Holistics is the solution to the increasingly many and complex data requests from the operational teams – reports can be shared across different functions and regions without compromising data security.""We had tried using many and more well-known platforms, but in the end chose Holistics as our go-to platform for analyzing and sharing company data reports due to its deceptive ease of use, customizable filters, efficiency, and scalability.The pricing is fair and Vincent and his team provide lightning fast response to questions and requests.""Before we started using Holistics, we at Roomorama were building and maintaining all reports in our admin backend system, which demands great effort from different people to design, develop, test and deploy together in the release plan.You may find this situation for example in SAP’s human resources tables where the properties of an employee are stored in so called info types which are independently versioned by valid from/to date ranges.In this post, I’m using a much more simplified scenario with the following 4 tables: Employee Organizational Unit (Org Unit) Location Company Car (Car) The tables reflect a very simple human resources model of four tables, a base table Employee and three detail tables, all joined by the Employee No-field.This approach moves the time consuming process of resolving date ranges from query time to data loading time, so it has to be performed only once.

But the valid from/to dates are usually not a good idea for joining fact data to the associated dimensions because this would result in range lookups (ETL) or date range (between) joins (in SQL or ELT).I’m saying rare cases as update-operations on fact tables that are tuned for high volume bulk loads and bulk queries are usually not a good idea, so you may want to implement a partition-wise recreation of the fact table (partition switch operations) which adds some complexity to the overall workload management.However, after this intro my post today is about a situation where you have several linked tables in the source system, all with a valid from/to date.This allows them to focus on their core jobs of ensuring customer retention and upsells.""Before finding out about Holistics, analytics was our elephant in the room.

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Second, it promotes data transparency within our team, by acting as a self-serve platform for other team members.

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