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However, unlike the Israelite models that were usually constructed of stone, the Theban house was made of wattle and daub. The Onomasticon Amenope is a list of categorized words from Egypt’s Third Intermediate Period.It is significant that this house was built in Egypt at the same time that Israelites were constructing four-room houses in Canaan. Written in hieratic, the papyrus includes the Semitic place name , which refers to the Lakes of Pithom.Mayoral committee member for Transport Brett Herron said: “This proposal if it succeeds through the second phase, will fundamentally change our city and will start to contribute to a more residential inner city and a more inclusive inner city.”Over the next six months, the city will have to conclude an agreement with the selected bidder, which in turn will have to finalise an investment plan and secure financing for the project.EWN welcomes all comments that are constructive, contribute to discussions in a meaningful manner and take stories forward.

EWN is constantly reviewing its comments policy in order to create an environment conducive to constructive conversations.Although archaeology can illuminate aspects of the past and bring parts of history to life, it has its limits.It certainly is exciting when the archaeological record matches with the Biblical account—as with the examples described here.If Kyle Long has indeed introduced the world to his new girlfriend, he did it in the most Kyle Long way possible."Got tired of eating by myself," the full-time Chicago Bear and part-time wisecrack wrote on an Instagram picture of the couple.Long dressed in a blue suit and orange tie — Bears colors, of course — and stood next to his lady friend in front of what appears to be his east Lake Forest home.

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These three place names appear together in Egyptian texts These specific place names recorded in the Biblical text demonstrate that the memory of the Biblical authors for these traditions predates Egypt’s Third Intermediate Period.