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The extent to which a couple incorporate cuckolding into their marriage is naturally their personal preference.It may range from occasional meetings with a man away from her husband through to a regular lover who visits the couple at their home.The non-participation of the cuckold husband is considered an essential element by some, even to the extent he may not be in the same room.

The term "bull" denotes his superior sexual prowess.

You won't be surprised that most bulls are extremely well equipped for their role but there are men who are normal size.

Mental attitude is all important, the bull is normally expected to take charge of proceedings. Yes but with important differences, whereas normally the guest male might take an equal or subordinate role to the husband, in a cuckold setting the husband takes the subordinate role to the extent that he might have no involvement and certainly none unless invited.

A cuckold is a man who is married to a woman who has sex with other men with her husband’s consent.

As you may have seen from the dictionary definition, traditionally a cuckold is a husband with a wife who is physically unfaithful to him usually without his knowledge.

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They find the scenario of satisfying a demanding wife in front of an inadequate husband a turn-on.

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