Dads and daughters dating

Posted by / 22-Feb-2020 07:41

Dads and daughters dating

Internet dating makes it so much easier to find someone that ticks your boxes!

Because fathers are protective of those they love most in the world.

I am however probably overqualified, after a lifetime of working as a bouncer, lifting weights, and boxing, to take on the role of the classic and outdated 'Overprotective, Scary Dad'.

The only problem with this is if no one can ever date my daughter without fearing me, she is: 1) Going to rebel anyway, 2) Will learn I can’t be trusted and won’t talk to me, and 3) Miss the opportunity to develop those skills in her teens while she’s still young and has me nearby to help give advice.

Lesson learned- Show love to those you love, and don't try to control them. Tell him you'll find someone who takes care of you. Let him know you will respect her, that you will care for his daughter while you are out, and that you will follow his rules.

It is up to us dads to support and prepare our daughters' transition from our little girls towards one day having their own relationships and their own kids should they decide.

It’s even up to us dads not to presume our child’s sexual orientation as this may cause harm down the road when the child starts to reconcile their sexuality with what their parents expect from them.

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Alright dads gather round, we need to talk about our precious daughters and those little boys who want to get their hands on them.