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Around 20% of the country is of European ancestry and these types of Guatemalan girls tend to be upper-class and stunning. These girls are mixed European and Native American blood. If you’re a foreigner, these girls will often fall for you pretty quickly.

It should be noted that if a Guatemalan girl isn’t a gringo hunter, then she will be fairly conservative.

Insufferable Marxist indoctrination aside, it was an engaging class and responsible for igniting my enthusiasm for Latin America.

I probably never would have bothered to take the jump to live in LATAM if I hadn't taken the class. When it comes to online dating in LATAM, there really aren't too many options. The reason for my absence is that I've been in Canada.

The other day I received an email from a guy saying that my site was a bit tricky to navigate. Bloggers think that all they have to do is Google murder statistics to find out where dangerous travel destinations are?

He suggested that I make a chart out of all of my city guides outlining the hottest girls in South America, Central America and Mexico to make it easier for people to get a quick idea of things. I don't deny that it's one of the most efficient ways to hookup with women at home and on the road, but I prefer a more organic approach. That being said, when I discovered a hack while browsing blogs and forums that allows you to fake your Tinder location and meet girls from any country, city, barrio or favela in Latin America as well as anywhere in the world, I knew I had to give it a try. The blogosphere doesn't need another post about "most dangerous cities." But I'm going to give you one anyway.

CAPITAL CITY: Guatemala City POPULATION: 14,647,083SIZE: 15th largest country in Latin America DEMOGRAPHICS: 59% Mestizo and European, 41% Mayan AGE OF CONSENT: 18CALLING CODE: 502GDP PER CAPITA: ,300 USDLIFE EXPECTANCY: 71.07 years DATING PROSPECTS: 5.5/10QUALITY OF WOMEN: 4.5/10EXPECT TO SPEND: 0-900 USD/Month MY LATIN LIFE RANKING: #15 One of the biggest hazards of living in Central and South America is taking taxis. Worst worst-case scenario, you become the victim of an express kidnapping.

Whereas I might do better in Colombia and the Dominican Republic, you might do better in Brazil and Mexico.

Essentially, there are only two well-known options: Tinder and the Cupid sites. I was contracted to do a bit of work here and I've been spending most of my time on that, hanging with family and tying up some loose ends here in my home country. What I can tell you is that you can expect much more content from My Latin Life in 2017.

I’ll talk about the latter - here is my in-depth Latin American Cupid review! But, I'm happy to announce that next week I'll be off once again to Latin America! I thought it'd be good to kick things off again with a post that's easy on the eyes - something that even the illiterates among us can enjoy.

Once I found where the hot Guatemalan girls were hiding, I started to date a few of them.

They look great and I was a huge fan of their personalities.

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I rank each city based on the following: I'm quite a big fan of lists.

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