Dating a girl from a rich family over 60s dating

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Dating a girl from a rich family

I guess I worry that my son will be "kept", and end up in a less than 50-50 partnership. There will always be those parents that give the newlyweds money for this and that and then hold it over them for the rest of their lives.And then there are those parents who do help out the newlyweds because they are family and don't expect anything back.The old "well we bought you this and that, so you owe us" adage comes to mind. I get where you're coming from, it's a pride thing.You didn't raise your kids with silver spoons, and don't agree with "giving" children everything - right?I guess I worry that my son will be "kept", and end up in a less than 50-50 partnership.You know your son, is he a wimpy sort or more of a guys guy who likes to take charge of his life?As long as they always work as a team and find concensus on these issues they will be fine Yellowsnow and Djuna pretty much describe my emotions on this, conflicted! We've always encouraged our kids to work, as well as excel in school, and they've lived up to our expectations.

Half her master's degree was paid by them and there is an open invitation for her scholarship to get her Ph D if she inclines to (there is one for me as well including a car as an incentive). I can't even imagine what it would be like to have medical school paid for. Let's say it doesn't work and they divorce down the road.

The wimpy sort will have rich in-laws and a wife that run all over him I'm afraid.

But if he's his own man and takes some pride in that he'll likely do fine. Not to tell him what to do or anything, but to give him food for thought so that he can begin to prepare himself for what kind of life to expect as a member of her family.

They met in college, and started seriously dating about 6 months ago.

We are a solidly middle class family, who have provided all the needs for our kids, including college educations and cars.

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