Dating a ladies man are ashley greene and chace crawford dating

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For whatever reason, his schedule only opens up late at night.

Even if he says he’s left his old ways in the past, you'd better be really skeptical because once a player, always a player. If your boyfriend is playing you, there are some serious red flags to look out for.

He has never asked you to go out to a real restaurant, and if you suggest it, he just blows you off or offers a lame line like, “but I just like to be home with you.”He likely doesn’t want you to get too attached to him because he isn’t attached to you.

He wants to keep things casual because he feels casual about the relationship.

He’s not interested in spending quality time with you.

He probably spent the earlier part of the evening taking out other girls. He doesn't respect you and only hanging out late at night makes it easy for him to not put a label on your relationship.

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I’ll be the first to list off a bunch of great ones you need to watch.