Dating a wifestory paul washer sermon on dating

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Dating a wifestory

The wife and I decided to role play at a hotel lounge we acted as if we never met so as I order her a drink from the bartender another man also sent her one we discussed it and agreed to engage in a threesome...

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I pulled it down and slid the spaghetti-straps off her shoulder.

The gown slipped down without a hitch and I was looking at my prize for the night. pull my face into his pinkish brown sack that carried his precious family jewels...

Since our decision to play around and fuck other people, my wife has had six other guys to fuck besides myself. She is about to have a taste of her first black meat... Her hips rolled on my fingers and face as the nectar from her orgasm descends from her pussy and down my chin and fingers.

I stuck my fingers into my mouth to suck off her sweet sensation.''Note: I have reposted all of my Sharing Black stories so that they all can be on one authors profile.

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Sometimes we would watch porn, and while watching, I would ask her about what she had done with other guys she had before me...

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