Dating age laws in north carolina

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S., although many states still restrict marriage to heterosexual couples (this is a fast-moving area of law).But states also have laws mandating how old you must be in order to get married with a parent's consent.North Carolina Marriage Age Requirements North Carolina marriage age requirement laws require parties to be 16 to get married with parental consent, while those as young as 14 may obtain license with a court order in the case of pregnancy or childbirth.Learn about North Carolina's marriage age requirement laws in the following table.

Note: State laws are always subject to change through the enactment of newly signed legislation, the decisions from higher courts, and other means.For example, a 17-year-old who takes cell phone pictures of his 16-year-old girlfriend naked could be convicted of recording child pornography and, if he coaxed her into posing for the photos, perhaps even encouraging a child to make pornography. Marriage Age Requirements: Overview Anyone who is legally an adult is free to get married in the U.Having sex with a minor in violation of age of consent laws is considered a strict liability offense, so it does not matter if someone had a good-faith, mistaken beliefor even if they were lied to. If you believe you have violated North Carolina's age of consent law, you should speak to a criminal defense lawyer immediately.Prosecution for these sort of crimes carries very serious criminal and civil penalties.

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Sexting has many other consequences aside from illegality. In addition to imprisonment, the court may also impose a fine in any amount it deems appropriate. An attorney can tell you what to expect in court based on the facts of your case and the assigned judge and prosecutor.

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