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“My rules are completely different, I joined some free sites and I didn’t have to sign up to anything really, my rule is you have to say you are officially single and looking for a relationship long term. “You have to have a photo on my site, some you can join without even doing that.

“It’s still the same principle of whoever catches your eye, but the photo has to be modest, because again a lot of these sites people show everything, they’re just about showing off.

“I interviewed a couple who have been married for 46 years and I asked the lady why they had been together and she said he was a gentleman, and when I asked why, she said he always walks on the outside of the path and he still makes an effort after 46 years of marriage.

“All this winking and liking and chat rooms, I don’t even like that word ‘wink’, I don’t want to be winked at. “When my husband and I dated we went out to wine bars and things like that, and we both used to make an effort to look nice and presentable.” Old Style Dating doesn’t use programmes to match subscribers, but allows people to search for potential dates themselves - they can then start chatting anonymously initially.

Dennie said: “On the site it does say dates could be going to the seaside, I know no one says seaside now, but that’s the idea.

And there are other options available to those looking for love.

Researchers polled 2,000 adults and found one in four married couples met on a night or day out with friends, while one in five met through work and one in ten tied the knot with their childhood sweetheart.

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And that’s one reason why we offer free membership to anyone to join and connect with our members.

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