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Dating allowed during marriage separation

We know from science and from our own experience with thousands of people that limerence lasts somewhere between three months to three years and then it begins to fade away. You still love them, but if you are honest with yourself, you know that you will miss events with them if Sheila wants you with her. Isn’t it true that some days when you feel euphoric about Sheila, you find yourself amazingly productive for a few hours, but gradually lose the productivity because you become so focused on thinking about her? They especially cannot ride that emotional rollercoaster you find yourself on because you are so finely attuned to Sheila’s emotions that you react to nearly everything.

How long have you felt this way about Sheila, John? And what about the days you get very little done because you find yourself obsessing about whether she’s happy with you? “As I mentioned, John, the love you feel is called limerence.

Nor did either of you entertain the idea that by your deepening desire to be with each other you violated your marriage vows to Melinda. Next came kissing which finally progressed to full physical expression of your emotions. It reached its peak when you became sexually intimate. Sure, I might miss something here or there because every situation is a little different, but I’ll get most of it right.” He was not enthusiastic about hearing my predictions, but realized it would be irrational to refuse.

You each believed strongly that both of you were good people who had no wish to do anything wrong. Before you left each other after that first time, you wept and prayed together, asking God to forgive you and help you not sin again. “Now neither you nor Sheila feels a need to ask God to forgive. “John, if you divorce Melinda and marry Sheila, the odds are better than 8 out of 10 that you and Sheila will divorce. Allow me to explain what you have before I predict where you will wind up. I’m in love.” I reassured him, “I have no doubt it’s real, John.

You used to go to church, but now you’re looking for a different kind of church – one that you never would have considered before – a church that will accept you and Sheila though you left your wife for her.

“You love making love to Sheila, but sex isn’t the core of your relationship.

The pastor lectured John that what he felt was not love, but an unhealthy lust that would destroy him and his family. I had no doubt that John deeply loved Sheila with a kind of love that involves a concentration of feelings most types of love cannot touch. For example, your pastor knows that in his Bible the kind of love called agape differs from liking or friendship love. I gently told him that before he made himself too comfortable, he needed to hear the rest of what I wished to share.

John admitted his feelings for her and his intention to divorce his wife and marry her. He figured I would take the same approach as his pastor and others who defined love in a way that denied the authenticity of his intense emotions.However, as you enjoyed being around each other, you became more open and transparent.Gradually, you evolved to discussing personal matters, trusting each other, and liking the attention and validation.We know from their research that powerful brain chemicals are associated with limerence and, as a result, a person in limerence behaves differently than he did before, and differently than he will after limerence fades. “You’ve exhibited signs of emotional dependency on your relationship with Sheila, like being possessive, becoming jealous, fearing rejection from her, and feeling anxiety when separated from her. You feel a sense of understanding for her and connection to the point that you’re willing to sacrifice for Sheila.If it means ending your marriage, losing your job, or even giving up your religion, you’ll do what it takes to please her and to be with her.

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“John, the thing to consider isn’t whether you love Sheila.