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Dating alternate local extreme

Once elevated to the House of Lords, he ceased to be Bury's MP, and was replaced by Sir Robert Davers.

Baron Hervey would not be made 1st Earl of Bristol for another eleven years, and at this time the family lived in the old Ickworth Manor House, which was located just south of the Ickworth Church.

Quick links on this page First Suffolk turnpikes 1711 River Lark canalised 1716 Trial of Arundel Coke 1722 Kirby's Suffolk Traveller 1735 Bury to London same day 1737 Downing's map of Bury 1741 Warren's map of Bury 1748 The modern calendar 1752 New butchers' shambles 1761 Turnpike to Newmarket 1770 Warren's updated map 1776 Godfrey's East Prospect of Abbey 1779 Fornham Park enclosed 1782 The French Revolution 1789 Napoleonic Wars begin 1793 End of Bury wool trade 1800 Richard Yates's Antiquities 1805 Buck & Greene brewers 1806 Suffolk livestock 1810 Foot of Page 1812 By the end of the 18th century the Guildhall Feoffees had built a Dispensary in Angel Lane to provide out-patient care to the poor of Bury.

In Haverhill as the seventeenth century gave place to the eighteenth, weaving began to expand in the town, no doubt as a result of the influence of Flemish Huguenot refugees who had settled in the eastern counties late in the seventeenth century, following the French King Louis XIV's revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

Freezing NNE winds continued to blow through April and May.

The Reverend John Beart became pastor of the Independent Congregation in Bury St Edmunds.

After he revoked the Edict, Protestants were persecuted in France, and hundreds of thousands went abroad. The year began with one of the coldest winters on record.

In March, 1702, King William III died, and Queen Anne came to the throne on 8th March.

Queen Anne, like her predecessor Queen Mary II, was a daughter of James II, who had fled the country in 1688.

The turrets over the stairs at the Abbey Gate seem to have fallen, and been removed, in the early 18th century.

Some of the damage may have arisen during this storm, although this is a speculation at present.

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By now, Suffolk was dominated by the Tory party who controlled both County parliamentary seats.

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