Dating america tribal women

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The British made Tecumseh a brigadier general and used Indian allies to help recapture Detroit and Fort Dearborn (Chicago).

Several hundred American prisoners were killed following a skirmish at the River Raisin in early 1813.

Employing Indian auxiliaries and a scorched-earth policy, the colonists nearly exterminated the Narragansetts, Wampanoags, and Nipmucks in 1675-1676.

Particularly serious was the near-annihilation of Gen.

Edward Braddock’s force of thirteen hundred men outside of Fort Duquesne in 1755.

Intermittent warfare also plagued early Dutch colonies in New York.

In New England, Puritan forces annihilated the Pequots in 1636-1637, a campaign whose intensity seemed to foreshadow the future.

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In the Midwest, George Rogers Clark captured strategic Vincennes for the Americans, but British agents based at Detroit continued to sponsor Tory and Indian forays as far south as Kentucky.